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'Es Ist Ein Gesamtkunstwerk' is a collaborative, constantly growing work of art,
made by artist from all over the world.

Please joint this global gesamtkunstwerk at the paint page.

The pallet that is available is not the same every day.
Here is an overview of the pallets of the week.
If you do not like the pallet of today, please come back again on one of the following days.

0 - Sunday
F9AE00 B22C80 E7E000 981915 50AE32 523835 E06CA6 AE1917 B9AD14 954996 E9E335 26A537 4973B8 DD4D13 7DC7C0 B3191E 575756 D9B30E 32632A FFED00 32388E DD2320 FFD300

1 - Monday
000000 330000 660000 003300 333300 663300 006600 336600 666600 000033 660033 006633 336633 666633 000066 330066 660066 003366 333366 336666 ffffff

2 - Tuesday
000000 00ff00 00ff99 00ffcc 00ffff 33ff99 33ffcc 99ff00 99ff99 99ffcc 99ffff ccff00 ccff99 ccffcc ccffff ffff00 ffff33 ffff99 ffffcc ffffff

3 - Wednesday
000000 0000ff 0099ff 00ccff 00ffff 3300ff 3333ff 3399ff 33ccff 33ffff 9900ff 9933ff 9999ff 99ccff 99ffff cc00ff cc33ff cc99ff ccffff ff00ff ff99ff ffccff ffffff

4 - Thursday
000000 ff0000 ff0099 ff00cc ff00ff ff3300 ff3333 ff3399 ff33cc ff33ff ff9900 ff9933 ff9999 ff99cc ff99ff ffcc00 ffcc33 ffcc99 ffcccc ffccff ffff00 ffff33 ffff99 ffffcc ffffff

5 - Friday
000000 cc9999 ff9999 99cc99 cccc99 ffcc99 99ff99 ccff99 ffff99 9999cc cc99cc ff99cc 99cccc ffcccc 99ffcc ccffcc ffffcc 9999ff cc99ff ff99ff 99ccff ccccff ffccff 99ffff ccffff ffffff

6 - Saterday
000000 cc0000 ff0000 00cc00 cccc00 ffcc00 00ff00 ccff00 ffff00 0000cc cc00cc ff00cc 00cccc ffcccc 00ffcc ccffcc ffffcc 0000ff cc00ff ff00ff 00ccff ccccff ffccff 00ffff ccffff ffffff

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The brush sizes are changing every hour.
Please visit the paint page when your favorite brushes are available.

Available at the hours: 00h00-01h00 06h00-07h00 12h00-13h00 18h00-19h00

Available at the hours: 01h00-02h00 07h00-08h00 13h00-14h00 19h00-20h00

Available at the hours: 03h00-04h00 08h00-09h00 14h00-15h00 20h00-21h00

Available at the hours: 04h00-05h00 09h00-10h00 15h00-16h00 21h00-22h00

Available at the hours: 05h00-06h00 10h00-11h00 16h00-17h00 22h00-23h00

Available at the hours: 06h00-07h00 11h00-12h00 17h00-18h00 23h00-00h00

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Rules, extras, changes.
A few rules will change every now and then.
2005-02-13 Start of GKW : only horizontal and vertical lines.
2005-03-06 Choosing a linelength is made possible. (1/1 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32 1/64 1/128)
2005-03-08 Linelength choice is limited. (1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4)
2005-03-12 Introduction of The Grid (divides the picture in x nr of chunks)
2005-03-25 It's moving!

2005-05-10 Back to basics...

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The resulting works of the day will be stored in the archive, and can be bought.
Please send an email with the date of the painting you would like to
and you will receive a printed copy for only 25,-
But feel free to make the print yourself with your own equipment.

'Es Ist Ein Gesamtkunstwerk' was initiated by Martin Takken. -

'Es Ist Ein Gesamtkunstwerk' is sponsored by:
Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten en Vormgeving

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